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He had a particular distaste on the teaching about prayer, although this was not disclosed to the MCGI congregation until his expulsion in It also turned out that the members whom Santiago had been influencing for some time possessed the same thinking he had.

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These few already had growing doubts in their mind which ballooned to greater suspicion because of Santiago. Santiago continued leeching and milking his leaders. Although news of his backbiting reached Bro. Daniel from overseas, he was given a chance to mend his ways. Santiago wasted the chance given to him.

Instead of heeding to counsel, he continued in his schemes.

Members Church of God International

The person who witnessed his suspicious actions was Jane Angeles, his wife. She also told that while she was pregnant with their youngest, Santiago would beat and mock her. Still, Santiago was given the chance to explain his side. But all efforts to communicate with him were in vain. It was learned that he had other plans in mind. More testimonies came from members who finally got their courage to speak about his abusive and arrogant behavior.

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Shortly after his expulsion, Santiago founded a religious organization which he registered in the Philippine securities under the name Members Church of God in Jesus Christ Worldwide. It is based in Malolos, Bulacan and to this date had not any single member baptized from abroad, despite that Santiago bragged it to be a global church. It seemed that Santiago was relieved to be expelled from MCGI as his dream to become a leader came true.

He had people believe and follow him. Later on, he used YouTube and Facebook to recruit more members and to populate the Internet with his attacks against Bro. Santiago thought that the Internet will help him smear Bro.

Willy Santiago ON and OFF Camera

He didn't realize that using the Web would only hasten his downfall. As quick as his rise to the top, he was also struck down swiftly.

Eli answered all the accusations that Santiago had presented before the online community. Sooner, his video postings became less and less. He fell silent at the face of Bro. Time came and Caras left Santiago when the latter took another woman for a wife even though his first marriage was not annulled. Moreover, they had many unpleasant discourses about teachings.

After their separation, Caras founded his church. After losing his financier, Santiago instituted tithing to his members in order to sustain himself. A person who chooses to defy the truth will pay the price of rebellion.

Santiago is only rightfully reaping what he had planted. It is unfortunate to fall into disobedience when it is a lot easier to be dutiful to virtue.

Discourses and Impressions: Willy Santiago: A Perfect Example Nobody Should Imitate

Does Isaiah chapter A conceited ambition that corrupts the heart and soul will lead to eternal punishment. God shall end the days of vain pride when He finally casts the ultimate verdict. Posted by The True Apologist at 8: Wilfredo Santiago, or Willy Santiago, seemed remorseless in this mugshot taken by police a few hours after his capture. Eli Soriano on June 12, together with the members of the church founded by his father, Bernardo Santiago. It was when Bro. Due to God's calling Bro.

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Willy started reading the Bible and religious materials and spread the word of God through preaching. He decided not to pursue his studies. Eliseo Soriano have seen his ability in memorizing the verses of the Bible, then decided to assigned him as his Bible reader in his program Old Path or Ang Dating Daan radio and television from tom And was asked by Mr. Soriano decided to moved out and leave after realizing the sudden changes in his Bible teaching and erratic church leadership.

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ang dating daan vs willy Ang dating daan vs willy
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