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Young and the Restless Spoilers: Phyllis Summers Loses Nick Newman!

Upon his return to Genoa City, he believes that Cassie is alive and that he is still married to Sharon and kisses her, intent on winning her back. However, soon his memory returns, and he reunites with Phyllis and Summer. Jack, Phyllis, Nick and Sharon soon start a business venture, creating a new magazine entitled Restless Style.

However, the four constantly clash, and Jack and Sharon are driven out of the company. However, Nick and Sharon grow closer. While in Paris searching for a teenage Noah, Nick and Sharon share a kiss on the bridge, which is witnessed by Phyllis. Their emotional affair continues, and they sleep together a second time three months later. This results in Sharon's pregnancy.

She gives birth to Faith Newman in September She is stolen by Nick's brother Adam Newman at birth, presumed dead for months. Faith is eventually returned to her parents, after Sharon developed a relationship and married a manipulative Adam, unaware of his actions. Nick's marriage to Phyllis is over by this point. Nick and Sharon grow closer co-parenting Faith and eventually reunite. However, it is short-lived when she sleeps with Adam, unable to shake her deep-rooted feelings for him.

Nick, disgusted with her actions, takes full custody of Faith from her when Sharon is unjustly arrested for murder, but continues to support her. Sharon is sentenced to life in prison and skips town, leaving everyone to believe she is dead. Nick begins a relationship with Diane Jenkins Maura West , who is also developing a courtship with his father, Victor, at the same time. Diane is killed by Nikki in self-defense. Nick has a short affair with Avery, until he returns to Phyllis. Phyllis becomes pregnant once more, but soon miscarries the child.

Nonetheless, Nick still marries her. However, the marriage is short-lived, ending just months later, with Nick moving on to a relationship with Avery. Nick begins a new phase in his life. He decides to end his career as a businessman at Newman Enterprises and open up a club, which he names The Underground. When Summer finds herself attracted to Jack's son Kyle Abbott Blake Hood , Nick panics, knowing that Summer may become involved with her biological brother.

He has another DNA test performed, which appears to confirm that Nick is not Summer's biological father. However, in reality, Sharon who has stopped taking medication to treat her bipolar disorder , altered the results in an attempt to get Nick to return to her. Nick confesses to Summer that Jack is her father. Sharon's attempts fail, and Nick and Avery become engaged; Avery misses the wedding after tending to her mentally distraught ex-boyfriend Dylan McAvoy Steve Burton , and the relationship ends.

Nick grows closer with Sharon, who continues to withhold the truth. Sharon's memories of changing the DNA results are wiped out after she undergoes electroconvulsive therapy to get rid of her "visions" of Cassie's ghost, which in actuality is Mariah Copeland Camryn Grimes , a Cassie lookalike hired by Victor to haunt Sharon.

TV Guide noted Morrow to be one of the soap opera's longtime fan favorites.


Nicholas Newman - Wikipedia

The event organizer stated that it was a "mob scene", as over 6, fans turned up to meet each actor. Michael Fairman of On-Air On-Soaps describes the character of Nick to be "not-so-upstanding", however has lauded Morrow as "one of the most underrated actors in daytime, who delivers real and honest performances day after day, no matter what the material". Garrett stated that he "makes perfect choice daily as an actor" and is "solid as a rock from outer space" who "continues to shine" on screen. The supercouple pairing of Nick and Sharon has been met with notable popularity among viewers as well as critics.

SoapNet placed them on a list of "Best of s Decade: They've been apart since the death of their daughter, Cassie, but we all know that they belong together". Morrow's performance earned him five Daytime Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Younger Actor consecutively from to Kroll of the website Soap Central noted that it had "widely been expected" that Morrow and Case would receive nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress and Actor at the 33rd Daytime Emmy Awards ; however, they were not.

Despite this, Grimes was nominated for the Outstanding Younger Actress award. The paternity reveal in which Summer was revealed to be Jack's daughter was met with a negative response. Sara Bibel of the website Xfinity praised the acting performances delivered, but panned the writing as it "fell flat".

But this time the impact is minimal". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the British satirical cartoonist, see Nick Newman. Summer Newman Faith Newman. So, I guess those would be three of the top reasons Nick would want to 'stick it' to Victor". However, they were married consecutively from — Retrieved December 4, No Third Son for Victor!

Odyssey Magazine Publishing Group Inc. Archived from the original on December 20, Retrieved December 20, Retrieved May 29, Retrieved May 31, Retrieved May 23, The Young and the Restless. Archived from the original on November 1, Retrieved October 31, Retrieved March 30, Archived from the original on September 23, Retrieved May 22, Retrieved December 24, Lorna seeks support on "Another World " ".

Retrieved January 27, Retrieved January 18, A synopsis of this weeks afternoon dramas". Retrieved January 28, Archived from the original on September 16, Retrieved June 9, New York Daily News. Retrieved December 22, Archived from the original on January 5, Retrieved July 13, Jack coaches Phyllis through her labor and Summer Ann Newman is born in the elevator. The ambulance finally arrives and mother and baby are brought safely to the hospital, treated and released a few weeks later. Shortly after welcoming Summer, the new family moves into the Tack House on the Newman Ranch, then make their marriage legal in Genoa City and marry in a ceremony at the church.

During the reception Phyllis is arrested in front of everyone for a crime, but somehow she manages to avoid jail and go home. One day baby Summer becomes seriously ill when she comes down with a bacterial infection; however Michael is at the Tack House insisting that Phyllis turn herself in, but Phyllis won't leave her little girl, and with Daniel, Nick, Michael and Noah in tow the group heads to the ER.

Summer is immediately whisked away into the pediatric I. U, and suddenly the police show up with a warrant for Phyllis' arrest, but Michael tries to buy her time by telling the police that there are mitigating circumstances and the police show no sympathy and take Phyllis by force as she struggles unsuccessfully. Phyllis is taken to the police station to be booked on her charges, but she is more concerned about her baby girl than possible jail time and asks to use the phone so she can call her husband and check on her daughter who is very sick.

The officer is not very understanding and tells her that her daughter will understand and she just has to wait; however Phyllis tells the officer that nothing of the sort can happen because her daughter is just a little baby. Nick stays with Summer at the hospital, and Vicki, Nikki, Michael, Daniel and the rest of the family visit as well to lend their support and check up on her. During their marriage Nick and Phyllis lived quite happily in the Tack House with Summer, and Sharon was getting into her own relationships with Adam, Jack etc.

However it soon became clear that Sharon hadn't gotten over her feelings for Nick, and she began to get involved in their marriage, by always dropping by unannounced, telling Nick that she still loved him, and saying this to Phyllis also while trying to spend time with Summer Nick fends Sharon off and tells his wife that nothing is going on between them; however at one point Nick and Sharon have sex in the barn on the ranch, and Phyllis kicks Nick out for this offense, and files for divorce.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Chelsea Gives Dating a Chance

Two years later the pair reconcile and decide to renew their vows, but Sharon crashes their ceremony by declaring her love for Nick; however the wedding goes forward and Nick and Phyllis are married once again. Nick and Phyllis tried to enjoy their newfound bliss at home in their new recommitted relationship; however Sharon soon became a problem again, and the issues came to a head for Phyllis when Nick went on a business trip to Paris for his father's company.

While in Paris Sharon eventually pops up and begins hitting on Nick: At first Nick resists her, but while they are on the bridge looking at the Eiffel Tower the two share a very romantic kiss, and worse still is that Phyllis sees this passionate exchange. Upon returning to Genoa City Phyllis confronts Nick about what she saw in Paris, and after a heated argument a couple of days later Nick comes down with a packed bag and tries to sneak out of the house, but runs into Phyllis who is sitting in the kitchen. Nick says that he wants to be with Sharon, and is leaving to move in with her.

Phyllis is crushed by this news and confronts Nick, because he was planning on leaving without even saying goodbye to her or his daughter, she also asks him how he could do this to her because she loves him so much.

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Nick however has made up his mind on leaving as a heartbroken Phyllis kicks him out, and later she files for divorce for the last time which becomes final a short time after thus ending their relationship once and for all. Nick and Phyllis have a civil relationship, and after the truth about Summer's paternity came out for the last time the two are on friendly terms. Recently when Nick left town to get his head together after dumping Sharon, he was confronted by the women in his life During this time Nick and Phyllis confronted each other about the problems that they had in their relationship, and though each one accused the other of infidelity, it was Nick who cheated and left their marriage first, and later Phyllis had an affair with Ronan.

In the end Nick made amends with the ladies he had relationships with and caused heartache to. Speaking on the show's cyber bully plot, head-writer Joshua Griffith stated: She'll also be using texting and instant messaging to disparage him further. But, when Fen becomes aware of Summer's growing soft spot for Jamie, he gets jealous which leads to Jamie attempting suicide.

Summer stops the attacks and tries to support Jamie instead of making matters worse. Summer realizes what she did wrong and King hoped viewers would see that Summer was making progress. In a interview with TV Guide , Morrow openly discussed his strong belief that Summer was not Nick's child due to the fact that Nick was suffering from amnesia at the time. Though the actor himself questioned Summer's paternity, it seemed nothing would come of his speculation. Nick's immediate disapproval hinted that there was more to his disapproval then just the slight age difference between the two characters.

Summer's crush on Kyle reminds them of the possibility that they could be brother and sister. According to Griffith, Nick is so protective because he knows about Jack's playboy history during his younger years. In May , Nick takes a look at the paternity test results from , this time showing viewers that the results were inconclusive.

Joshua Morrow admitted in an interview with TV Guide that the writers make it clear that Nick did not intend to do anything wrong. He stated that Nick "refused to do another test". He said that "people don't know what to think" of Nick's "threatening Kyle" and reasons to "ground Summer". Speaking of the forthcoming reveal, King stated, "I'm very curious as to how they're going to play it out with Summer. I'm sure she's still going to have the close bond that she now has with Jack.

Around the time Summer is conceived, Nicholas Newman Joshua Morrow is grieving the loss of his adopted daughter, Cassie Newman Camryn Grimes , the victim of a car accident. They order a paternity test but the actual copy of the results is only viewed by Nick; not even viewers see the document. However, Nick announces that he is Summer's father and marries Phyllis.

As infants, Summer and Fenmore are abducted by Sheila Carter Stafford who had gotten plastic surgery to look like Phyllis. Fortunately, Summer and Fen survive.

Summer Newman

A few years later, when Phyllis is sent to prison, Summer becomes ill and must move in with Nick. Two years later, Summer ends up in the hospital when Patty Williams Stacy Haiduk gives her a kiss after eating a peanut butter cookie. Phyllis is accused of trying to kill Summer to win back Nick. Summer goes into anaphylactic shock , and is left comatose.

When she wakes up, Summer has the mindset of a toddler due to brain swelling and trouble breathing. She undergoes therapy in Switzerland , and later returns a recovered young girl. After appearing sporadically for several years, Summer Lindsay Bushman becomes a moody teenager, and develops a friendship with Fenmore Max Ehrich.

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Later she sneaks out of the house with Fenmore [47] where they share a kiss. Following the car crash, Summer Hunter King quickly recovers, [49] however the accident causes Chelsea to miscarry her unborn child, leaving Summer guilt ridden. However, Summer begins to feel sorry for Jamie and decides to stop tormenting Jamie; however a jealous Fen continues and his actions lead to Jamie's suicide attempt. After the fall out, Summer does her best to rebuild her life and starts crushing on Kyle Abbott, son of her mother's current boyfriend and ex-husband, Jack.

Nick is absolutely against the relationship but Summer continues to do things to get Kyle's attention. She also starts working as an intern at Jabot Cosmetics , Jack's company where Kyle also works. Summer seems to be winning Kyle over when she is hired as a model for Jabot's fashion division and to complicate matters further, she and Phyllis move into the Abbott mansion.

Instead of going to prom with Fen, she and best friend Courtney Kelli Goss throw a party at Phyllis's penthouse; when Fen kisses Summer on a dare, Summer tricks Kyle into coming to her rescue. Kyle admits that a relationship with Summer would not be so bad much to Nick's dismay. Summer plans to lose her virginity to Kyle on the night of her graduation and Phyllis tries to talk her out of it, but doesn't go through with it. For the years following Summer's birth, speculation arose that Jack was in fact Summer's father, not Nick.

In the summer of , it was revealed that the paternity test conducted in was inconclusive. A second paternity test was run by Nick and the results show that Jack is Summer's father. However, Sharon now wants Nick back, and tampers with the test results, allowing everyone to believe Jack is now the father of Summer. Phyllis ultimately hears Sharon confessing to this at Cassie's grave, resulting in an altercation between the two and ending with Phyllis falling down a flight of stairs. Following Phyllis' accident, Summer begins working in modeling.

Esmeralda Briana Nicole Henry , a longtime model, interacts with Summer at a Jabot Cosmetics photo shoot, and afterward offers her the phone number of her drug dealer for energy pills. Eventually, Summer takes three pills in order to stay awake during the shoot after waking up early. Summer, who begins to breathe heavily, leaves the shoot to get air. Summer's breathing begins to get worse so she calls Fenmore, who breaks his house arrest to find her.

Fenmore shows up at the shoot looking for Summer where he interacts with Sharon and Esmeralda. Sharon and Esmeralda went down the stairwell looking for her where they find Summer at the bottom of the stairwell. Afterwards, Summer visits Fenmore in jail after he was arrested for breaking house arrest. In the summer of , Summer began to developed a serious romantic relationship with her aunt Avery Bailey Clark 's camera man Austin Travers Matthew Atkinson. After turning himself in to the police, Summer finds a lawyer to represent him, even asking Avery to do it before Leslie Michaelson takes the case and Summer bails him out.

Summer and Austin ultimately elope so Summer wouldn't be forced to testify against him in court. In conclusion, Summer decides she wants to have a traditional wedding in a church with family and friends, much to the displeasure of Summer's family members and friends, in particularly Jack who attempts to get the marriage null and void , by even going as far as having her arrested.

However, thanks to the support from Sharon and Jack's girlfriend Kelly Andrews , Nick and Jack both come to the wedding which is broken up by the police and attempt to arrest Austin. After convincing Avery, her uncle Dylan and Paul agree to not press charges leading Austin only receiving a fine to pay, which Summer pays from her trust fund. Tension quickly rose on their union as Summer became more jealous when Austin develops a friendship with Cassie's twin sister Mariah Copeland , whom she strongly dislikes. When Summer's mother recovers from her coma, Summer introduces Austin as her friend, upsetting Austin with Summer claiming that the doctor is requiring her family not to give upsetting or shocking information to Phyllis.

who is nick dating on the young and the restless Who is nick dating on the young and the restless
who is nick dating on the young and the restless Who is nick dating on the young and the restless
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who is nick dating on the young and the restless Who is nick dating on the young and the restless
who is nick dating on the young and the restless Who is nick dating on the young and the restless

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