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Second, zircon, once formed, is highly resistant to change and has the highest blocking temperature ever observed. Finally, with few predictable exceptions, zircon grows or regrows only in liquid rock or in solid rock reheated to approach its melting point. Combining all of these attributes, it is often possible to measure both the time of crystallization and the time of second melting in different parts of the same grain or in different selected grains from the same rock.

Of course, such a high blocking temperature can have its disadvantages. Inherited cores may give a mixed false age when the age of crystallization is sought.

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For this reason, three or more grain types or parts of a grain are analyzed to establish that material of only one age is present. Experience with the results of the uranium—lead method for zircons has demonstrated an interesting paradox. If left at low surface temperatures for a geologically long time, the radioactivity within the crystal can destroy the crystal lattice structure, whereas at higher temperatures this process is self-annealing. In fact, when examined by X-ray methods, some zircons have no detectable structure, indicating that at least 25 percent of the initial atoms have been displaced by radiation damage.

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Under these conditions a low-temperature event insufficient to even reset the potassium—argon system see below Potassium—argon methods in biotite can cause lead to be lost in some grains. It is no coincidence that, when criteria were finally found to locate concordant grains, these grains were also found to be those with the lowest uranium content and the lowest related radiation damage.

Given the two related uranium—lead parent—daughter systems, it is possible to determine both the time of the initial, or primary, rock-forming event and the time of a major reheating, or secondary, event. The uranium—lead isotopes in the mineral titanite CaTiSiO 5 from a series of rocks that have a common geologic history can be plotted on a concordia diagram. New titanite, distinguishable on the basis of colour, may form in the same rock, while older, partly reset titanite is still present. Geochronologists can separate recent lead loss due to some disturbance event, such as the reheating of the rock, from the normal rate of lead loss by plotting the ratio of lead to uranium in the sample.

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A new line, the discordia, will plot along a different trajectory, but it will intercept the concordia in two places. The upper intercept will denote the timing of the primary rock-forming event, while the lower intercept will denote the timing of the reheating event. Uranium—lead dating relies on the isolation of very high-quality grains or parts of mineral grains that are extremely rare but nevertheless present in most igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rock units.

Samples weighing 10 to 50 kg 22 to pounds are collected, crushed, and ground into a fine sand, and the various minerals are isolated on the basis of specific gravity , grain size, and magnetic properties. The minerals used are not visible in the field, but their presence can be inferred from the easily identified major minerals present.

One of the most interesting applications of the improved uranium—lead zircon technique has to do with its ability to achieve nearly concordant results from single grains extracted from sandstone. This is possible because zircon is chemically inert and is not disturbed during weathering and because single grains with a diameter about the thickness of a human hair contain sufficient uranium and lead for analysis in the most advanced laboratories.

In one sample it was determined that a sandstone that underlies most of the province of Nova Scotia in Canada was probably originally deposited off the coast of North Africa and thrust over the continent before the opening of the Atlantic Ocean. This follows because the ages observed occur in North Africa, whereas those common in North America are absent. Another sample, this one from sandstone deposited by a large river in northern Scotland, must have been derived from continental rocks whose ages are represented by those determined for the individually dated sand grains.

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    Importance of zircon in uranium-lead dating The mineral zircon adds three more fundamental advantages to uranium—lead dating. Previous page The isochron method. Or is it in a metamorphic rock that has had a more complex history? Or is it a metamorphosed sedimentary rock? By knowing its history, we can interpret the age of the rock much better.

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    Quantitative microanalysis of the elements in zircon is done with an electron microprobe. Each of the atoms of the different elements in the sample gives off X-rays with characteristic wavelengths. You can then compare these to a standard with a known concentration of the element, and come up with an exact composition of that small spot. An individual zircon grain may be composed of many zones of different compositions and ages. Isotopic compositions can be determined with an ion probe. Mueller sums it up: Mathez, a publication of the New Press. Amy Vedder The Biodiversity Crisis: Fossil Microbes on Mars?

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