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Just right click the speaker in the task tray and select 'Playback Devices', choose the proper device and click 'Properties', then add checks for any of the formats that your receiver supports. Quote message in reply?

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Feb 2, Messages: Apr 11, at 1: Curly99 , Apr 11, Dec 29, Messages: Apr 11, at 8: Feb 24, Messages: Thanks x 1 List. MemX , Apr 11, Feb 15, Messages: I have a Subwoofer Out on my amp thing and I just connected a single, one-plug phono lead from it to just one of the inputs on the sub, either one of the Red or White L or R plugs I can't remember.

Jan 6, Messages: KAW 24 is offline. I couldn't agree more guindalf.

I have owned too many receivers and audio equipment to even try to count and the customer service that onkyo has supplied is at the bottom - and that is saying something. I have a that is stuck on the second firmware - the one that was pulled - and it won't recognize the new firmware to upgrade. They need to step up and recognize that this complete lack of effort on their part is going to hurt them down the road.

We have a reasonable expectation that problems will be addressed and that our emails and posts are, at the very least acknowledged. To ignore, and allow this to fester is just unacceptable. I don't realistically know that I can do much about it - but I do know they will never get another penny of my money if they don't step up and show some responsibility and concern for those that spends hundreds on their product. Keep posting and keep making some noise and perhaps they will show some responsibility. Am having same prob as smashpwnage - can't get composite video to feed through Game.

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Tried switching HDMI input for the Game port to IN1 - it cycles through green screen with lines, then black, then video for seconds, then green, then black, video again I don't even know what In1 is - nothing I've found explains it. But the audio comes through just fine, and connecting the video yellow directly btwn vcr and tv works fine. And yes, the TV source is pointed at the right device.

The graphic Onkyo provides re: And then when I'm working on it, and I try to get back to the setup menu on the tv, it gets no signal at all, so I'm back to square 0. The manual has lots of little key bits of info spread around - this setting affects that - it all feels like "If you want to microwave something, you have to unplug the toaster, and if you want toast, make sure the hot water tap is shut off But everything I try to fix somehow breaks something else.

Now I'm nervous about figuring out my Zone configurations - it'll probably hose my Blu-Ray somehow I wanna see those tapes projected. If you have a - the newest firmware is bricking some s. I would wait until Onkyo comes up with yet another firmware update. My is still in a box as I wait for a few items to be delivered before I open and install it. Hard to say what the "norm" actually is!

All I know is the fact that a LOT of people are returning these units - me being one of them.


Can't set up onkyo tx-nr - Home Theatre - Streaming Video & TVs

I'm sure there are a lot who are contacting Onkyo without reaching out to a forum too. My advice would be to return it, although I'm not entirely happy with its replacement Yamaha RX-V at this point and there's not a lot to compare for features. I just didn't want to get stuck with a lemon! Guindalf, are you one of those who had posted on Onkyo's support forum and returned your unit? That result will be heavily skewed to negative on this thread and on Onkyo's thread by nature.

I still haven't opened my unit yet but am trying to learn as much as possible to avoid problems if indeed they are prevalent.

This week on CNET News

I just haven't been able to determine how prevalent these issues are. Or one out of a ? How many of these have been sold anyway? If it is s then the fact that many people have posted to these 'problem' forums does not bode well for this unit. I'd also like to point out, that even in the support fora or problem fora there have been a few that have indeed been able to successfully update their units with the latest FW and resolve these issues. This too pushes me to investigate further and possibly 'dig in' rather than return the unit.

But, again, I am in the process of deciding my next action. Yes, I posted on the Forum and gave it three weeks before I was running out of time on my return window.

Onkyo TX-NR616 PC hookup, having audio and video issues when hooked up to sig pc.

The reason I gave it that long is because I absolutely love the feature set as well as the ease of setup and operation. However, I had no choice other than to return it before i was stuck with it. That is why I replied that I couldn't account for the 'norm'. It seems a lot of people are unhappy though, including some that have tried the firmware update and ended up with a brick! Got this model last week from Crutchfield. Things seemed to work OK, had some initial issue getting any picture on the screen from HDMI source, but I think that was a cable thing.

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