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2. Are There Empty Sections on Their Profile?

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For some, their life is not the way they want. Some victims are less likely to check into the details of their new online acquaintance. This due to the fact of the flattering attention they are getting. In addition, the victims do not want to believe that the person is fake because they might loose something they found.

4 Ways To Spot A Fake Online Dating Profile

Under those circumstances, the fake usually continues with the disguise until they are caught. In the end, the fake usually breaks contact after they are caught. Consequently, recognizing these signs help your online dating safety. Most online dating fake profiles use stock photos. In addition, fakes also use photos of actors or models. Stock photos normally have plain backgrounds. Also, it is very easy to copy photos from a stock photo site or any other site. You are on a dating site and you cannot believe that someone that beautiful or hot has interest in you.

You are all excited because someone that beautiful shows interest in you. Therefore, take the time to see if they are real or not before investing the time in them.

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TinEye and Google Reverse Image both help you find where on-line the fakes stole the photos that they are using. Therefore, this is the proof that they are in fact fake.

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Most fakes only have one or two photos in their profile. Similarly, there are usually no real life type photos. For example, there are no posts or pictures of them with family and friends. In addition, there are no photos of them doing normal activities. Real people with real dating profiles usually upload a variety of photos to show their personality and hobbies.

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Hence, they do not upload too many stolen photos. Many people respect, trust and are impressed with people from the military. Therefore, fakes use that to their advantage.

About Online Dating Fake Profiles

Have you ever had a chat with that person that seems too perfect? Like we said above, they look picture perfect, only one or two photos and they seem perfect too. Then, you want to know this person further and video chat with them.


Most likely, they are a fake. Therefore, before falling head over heals, make sure your chat mate can video. Also, make sure that the video matches his pictures. A fake usually does not want to make a complete profile. A real person usually wants you to know things about them. For example, a real person lists their name, age, hobbies and interests. A woman in the paper's story, who only gives the name Xiaoqing and who worked for two popular dating sites, including jiayuan. She said they have a template for clients saying someone's interested in them, no matter if it's true and they want to meet up or there's an event where there will be many people.

Then our matchmakers will approach them individually to persuade them to sign up for our matchmaking service at the event," she said.

The matchmaking service costs range from thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan and promise to find clients a certain amount of ideal dates in a certain amount of time. If the clients don't like who they meet, recommended by the service, the service will keep looking until they are satisfied. But actually it's common when matchmakers think some clients are too picky or hard to sell, they will ask their friends to fill in - just to fulfil the contract, rather than find the potential right person, according to The Beijing Times.

They usually show up for dates but are barely willing to talk about themselves and disappear with some excuses and never reply to any calls or messages from their dates. Some clients put the dots together, thinking it's a scam when they received calls from their disappearing dates defending their matchmakers after complaints are made. Skip to main content. Fake profiles on dating sites in spotlight after Chinese entrepreneur's death. WePhone boss leapt to his death over divorce 'despair'. Your daily good stuff - AsiaOne stories delivered straight to your inbox.

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dating site fake profile Dating site fake profile
dating site fake profile Dating site fake profile
dating site fake profile Dating site fake profile
dating site fake profile Dating site fake profile
dating site fake profile Dating site fake profile

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